Testimonials for The Hidden Cause of Acne

Real world testimonials from people who eliminated stubborn acne by avoiding fluoride in their food, toothpaste, and water supply, as detailed in The Hidden Cause of Acne by Melissa Gallico.


Boston, MA

This book not only gave me a map to solve my skin problems, but an understanding of why I had them in the first place.


Plymouth, MN

After 13 years, this book is the ONLY thing that's ever cleared my skin permanently. Learning what foods and drinks are high in fluoride and avoiding them has changed my life forever.


Melbourne, FL

The Hidden Cause of Acne put all the pieces of the puzzle together for me! It all makes such perfect sense when you see the whole picture!


Brighton, UK

After six months my skin finally started to look pretty damn awesome... The more I read about the fluoride/acne connection, the more I am convinced that it's a major player in the whole acne story!


Roseville, CA

When I removed fluoride from my drinking water (usually I'll drink about a gallon or more per day) my acne cleared up significantly in a matter of a few days.


San Diego, CA

Once I cut out the major sources of fluoride in my diet, my skin cleared up and other health issues resolved, as well. I've been spared a possible lifetime of agony and I just wish every acne sufferer knew there is a solution.

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