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Testimonial for The Hidden Cause of Acne: Linda P. from Melbourne, FL

Before reading The Hidden Cause of Acne, did you have any reservations about the idea that fluoride can cause acne and other health problems?

Before I read The Hidden Cause of Acne, I was on my own personal search to determine the cause of acne. I suspected it had to be something we ingested as I would develop large cysts not only on my face, but on my neck, chest, back, inside my ears (ouch!) and even inside my nose (double ouch!).

Please describe any relevant health concerns you were experiencing when you decided to read the book.


Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a hypothyroid condition. Determined not to take the routinely prescribed Synthroid medication, I started doing my own research. I learned that fluoride can depress thyroid function. I began removing as many sources of fluoride as I could (starting with toothpaste and drinking water). Within the next year, not only did my thyroid function return to normal, but I noticed my skin was much better. I didn't fully make the connection between fluoride ingestion and acne until I read the book.


When did you first develop acne and how long did you have it?

I had acne from about the age of 15 or 16 and had it for 35 years.

Where was your acne located? Was it cystic?

I would get painful acne cysts on my face, neck, chest, back, inside my ears, and inside my nose. Dermatologists would offer same day appointments for Cortisone injections which would reduce swelling and healing time, but could also cause additional scaring.

Do you have dental fluorosis?

No, I was not exposed to fluoride until I was 4 years old and I don't seem to have dental fluorosis. Luckily I was in 8th grade when I had my very first visit to the dentist. I never took fluoride pills or was given any fluoride treatments when I was very young.

Did you ever seek professional help in addressing these concerns? If so, what treatments did they recommend and what were the results?


I sought professional help from both general practitioners and dermatologists over the years in hopes of curing acne. They prescribed antibiotics, benzyl peroxide ointments, and Retin-A. Some things seemed to help temporarily but had adverse side effects. One treatment I received for the large, deep cysts was Cortisone injections. In desperation, I took Accutane when I as 45. It seemed to help for about a year, then the cystic acne returned.

What treatments did you try on your own and how effective were they?

Fasting, sunbathing, oil-free cleansers and toners, over the counter acne products, keeping my hair away from my face, avoiding dairy products, putting yogurt on my face, putting honey on my face, tea tree oil, salt scrubs, chemical peels. Eating a paleo diet which included avoiding dairy products seemed to help the most. Fasting didn't help as I was still drinking fluoridated water. The chemical peels were quite painful and only temporarily helped.

How did The Hidden Cause of Acne help you?

The Hidden Cause of Acne put all the pieces of the puzzle together for me! It all makes such perfect sense when you see the whole picture! The book also pointed out many hidden sources of fluoride that I would have never been aware of. I went from having the "much better skin" that I had achieved by avoiding fluoridated toothpaste and drinking water to having consistently clear and healthy looking skin after reading the book - thank you Melissa!

How long did it take to eliminate excess fluoride from your diet and clear your skin?

About 2 years.

What was the most challenging part of limiting your fluoride exposure?

Going out to restaurants is the most challenging part. I take my own water into restaurants, don't consume any soups, stews, pasta, potatoes, etc (anything that is boiled in water or made by reducing the volume of water)

Was your acne correlated with feelings of low mood, depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts? (Please only share information you are comfortable including in the testimonial.)

Although I've typically been a positive and happy person, my mood would certainly be adversely affected by break-outs. I can remember exactly where break-outs and cysts were on special occasions such as High School dances, family gatherings, my honeymoon, etc. I can also remember not wanting to leave the house because of my appearance. :-(

What is the "craziest" thing you've ever done to try to heal your acne?

Put on my snorkel and mask and floated face down in my pool for about 20 minutes. Also used the snorkel and mask technique in a tub of salt water solution I had prepared. These experiments were prompted by the fact that my acne seemed to be better when we vacationed and snorkeled in the Virgin Islands. I wasn't realizing at the time that we were also drinking rain water from cisterns on the island (rain water has virtually no fluoride).

What advice would you give to people still struggling with acne?

Eliminate as many sources of fluoride as possible (including from foods and beverages mentioned in the Hidden Cause of Acne), drink the purest water that you can afford to avoid fluoride and other toxins that can cause additional health problems, use the oil cleansing method, do research on the topic of vitamin and mineral supplementation including the proper use of iodine.

How would you sum up your testimonial for The Hidden Cause of Acne in one line?

I am forever grateful to Melissa Gallico as The Hidden Cause of Acne provided me with the information I needed to end a 35 year struggle with cystic acne!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

The Hidden Cause of Acne is so much more than a book about how to heal acne! It takes you through the history of water fluoridation and gives you the insights into the motivations of both the phosphate and aluminum mining industries and members of the dental profession to convince the public that fluoridation is "safe and effective" when recent research indicates that it is neither. The book reads more like a novel than a research document and is filled with intellectual wit and much needed humor! Thank you Melissa for all that you do to share the truth of the dangers of fluoridation so that others will not have to struggle with acne for so many years like I did!

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