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Martin Sheen Pens Letter Against Water Fluoridation for the Malibu Times

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

photo by Damon D'Amato, CC BY 2.0

In April 2007, Martin Sheen and his wife Janet wrote a letter opposing artificial water fluoridation for the Malibu Times after they received a casual notice in their monthly water bill that the city of Malibu would soon begin adding fluoride to their water supply. strikes us as a violation of assumed democratic process. Within our health-oriented community, choice is and has always been paramount.

Why Janet and Martin Sheen Are Against Fluoridation

In their letter to the Times, Janet and Martin Sheen provide many reasons for their opposition to fluoridation.

They point out that the type of fluoride added to the water supply is hydrofluosilicic acid and that the manufacturer was never certified and makes no assurances that the product is effective at reducing cavities when swallowed, or that it is safe for infants and the elderly.

They suggest taking the $20 million dollars it would take to fluoridate the water supply and instead use it to improve nutrition or for education initiatives on oral health.

They also explain that hydrofluosilicic acid contains

...lead and arsenic and other carcinogenic and mutagenic substances.

Finally, they mention recent recalls in children's cold medication and warn readers of the dangers of allowing corporate interest to dictate what we consider to be safe options for children.


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