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Joe Rogan Takes on Fluoride and Artificial Water Fluoridation

How Olivia Munn Healed Her Acne by Avoiding Fluoride

The Joe Rogan Experience is a long form conversation podcast hosted by comedian Joe Rogan with friends and guests that have included comedians, actors, musicians, MMA fighters, authors, artists, and beyond. It is one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes, with over 16 million downloads per month.

Joe Rogan and Chris Kresser Discuss the Neurotoxicity of Fluoride

Rogan has brought up the topic of fluoridation several times on his show. My favorite episode is the one posted below with Chris Kresser, a popular functional medicine practitioner who specializes in ancestral health.

The interview is over two hours long, but towards the end Rogan brings the conversation to fluoride. You can tell Kresser is not as versed on the topic. And for all his effort in keeping up with the latest scientific literature, he admits he is unaware of the recent studies implicating fluoride as a developmental neurotoxin.

Rogan takes the opportunity to google the topic right there on the show, and brings up a 2017 article from CNN medical producer Nadia Kounang with the headline, "Fluoride exposure in utero linked to lower IQ in kids, study says."

Listen to their conversation below.


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