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Watch Kate Hudson Talk with Ellen about Fluoride on The Ellen DeGeneras Show

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

I've heard through the grapevine that Ellen DeGeneras is opposed to fluoridation but she has never spoken about the issue directly on her show. If she ever did, there is a good chance the dental lobby would be all over her the way they were with Dr. Oz.

But in this segment with Kate Hudson, she and Kate make their thoughts on fluoride clear when they discuss Kate's book, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body.

Ellen DeGeneras and Kate Hudson Agree: Consuming Fluoride is Not a Good Thing

In Pretty Happy, Kate Hudson lists fluoride in the "toxins to avoid" category, along with mercury and phthalates. She points out that, in addition to avoiding fluoridated toothpaste and tap water, it is important to eat organic foods when possible because fluoride is a common pesticide.

When Ellen and Kate briefly talk about the book, the one topic Ellen brings up is fluoride. She says she was surprised to learn the high amount of fluoride in non-organic lettuce.

Ellen is careful not to provoke the dental lobby by saying that drinking fluoridated water is bad, and instead compares the high amount of fluoride in lettuce to toothpaste and "anything that you should really actually ingest." This is not what Kate says in her book (and it is not a valid comparison as toothpaste is much higher in fluoride than lettuce is), but Ellen is savvy and she knows criticizing fluoride on national television is risky. I'm surprised she brought it up at all, but it does give a glimpse into her thinking on fluoride.

Watch the video below.

*Ellen, if you are reading this, I don't know if this will make you feel any better but lettuce does not contain more fluoride than toothpaste. In my experience as a fluoride-sensitive person, lettuce is not usually high in fluoride even if it is not organic. From what I can tell, the number Kate mentions in her book was a residue tolerance proposed by a pesticide manufacturer that was never approved. The tolerance for fluoride-based pesticides on lettuce is 7 ppm, not 180 ppm. However, these numbers are practically meaningless because no one enforces residue tolerances for fluoride-based pesticides or even monitors for them. The major food items to avoid with respect to fluoride-based pesticides are non-organic grape products and poultry.


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