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My Fluoride Acne Story: Marenna L. (Testimonial for The Hidden Cause of Acne by Melissa Gallico)

How did you hear about The Hidden Cause of Acne?

I found it on an online search.

Before reading the book, did you have any reservations about the idea that fluoride can cause acne and other health problems?

Yes, I thought it was a crazy conspiracy theory similar to chemtrail fabrications and vaccine hysteria.

Please describe any relevant health concerns you were experiencing when you decided to read the book.

Very bad skin problems, brain fog, depression, large cysts, arthritis, low energy, obesity

Did you ever seek professional help in addressing these concerns? If so, what treatments did they recommend and what were the results?

Yes. Dermatologists had no treatments and for depression I was on antidepressants for a while.

What treatments did you try on your own and how effective were they?

I went off antidepressants, not liking the flat affect, and instead treated myself with fish oil, a good multivitamin, regular walks and exposure to sun. It was not optimal, but I was able to manage my depression and get on with my life.

How did The Hidden Cause of Acne help you?

The clearest positive result—for several years I had a cyst the size of a golf ball on my right thigh which is now gone. My skin in general is dramatically better, although not yet fully clear. My brain fog is gone. While I was successfully combating my depression before ridding my diet and environment of fluoride, now I no longer have to fight that battle. My low energy and fatigue are gone. And my weight has stabilized with no effort at dieting or calorie restriction.

When did you first develop acne and how long did you have it?

I was never diagnosed with acne per se, but have had severe cystic lesions since my teens, and extremely bad skin problems in general since birth. Dermatologist have never been able to come to a consensus.

Where was your acne located? Was it cystic?

I have skin lesions all over my face and body.

Do you have dental fluorosis?


What indicators did you experience that suggested your acne was caused by fluoride?

Ridding my diet and environment of fluoride caused my skin problems to lessen, and then adding in large amounts of iodine caused my skin problems to get worse again—which I am doing deliberately to detoxify my body.

What were the major sources of fluoride exposure for you?

I literally put a strong fluoride solution on my teeth overnight for years on the advice of my dentist to treat sensitive roots caused by my receding gums. My dentist assured me that he did the same treatment himself. He dropped dead at an early age.

What is the "craziest" thing you've ever done to try to heal your acne?

I went on this really restrictive diet that was mainly green vegetables and green smoothies. Looking back, I see that it temporarily helped a little because I was getting my liquid intake from the juice from organic vegetables rather than water, and it cut out the main dietary sources of fluoride accidentally.

What advice would you give to people still struggling with acne?

Read the book. It factually sets out a very persuasive argument to counteract the negative stigma.

How would you sum up your testimonial for The Hidden Cause of Acne in one line?

This book not only gave me a map to solve my skin problems, but an understanding of why I had them in the first place.

Marrena L. before and three months after reading The Hidden Cause of Acne


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