The Hidden Cause of Acne Cited on Breathe Better, Sleep Better, Live Better with Dr. Steven Park

Fluoride: Friend or Foe? Dr. Steven Park Cites The Hidden Cause of Acne by Melissa Gallico

In this episode of the Breathe Better, Sleep Better, Live Better podcast, host Dr. Steven Park cites The Hidden Cause of Acne by author Melissa Gallico during his discussion of fluoride and public water fluoridation.

Dr. Steven Y. Park is an author and surgeon who helps people who are always sick or tired to  once again reclaim their health and energy. For the past 13 years in private practice and 7 years in academic medicine, he has helped thousands of men and women breathe better, sleep better, and live more fulfilling lives. He received his undergraduate degree from The Johns Hopkins University and his medical degree from Columbia University’s College of Physicians & Surgeons.

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