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Is your mystery ACNE caused by FLUORIDE?

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Amy Saunders, U.K.

After six months my skin finally started to look pretty damn awesome... The more I read about the fluoride/acne connection, the more I am convinced that it's a major player in the whole acne story!

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Hidden Cause of Acne Before and After La

Lauren F., Minnesota

I have eliminated about 95% of the fluoride in my diet and my skin is perfectly clear. I am in control of my acne and I now know that if I break out, it’s from something I consumed. It’s not from genetics, it’s not from stress, it’s not from my hormones being out of whack, it’s not from me not washing my pillow cases or not washing my hands (as dermatologists would like you to believe). It’s from FLUORIDE.

Hidden Cause of Acne Before and After Je

Jen Cramer, California

I struggled hard with acne as an adult. Once I cut out the major sources of fluoride in my diet, my skin cleared up and other health issues resolved, as well. I've been spared a possible lifetime of agony and I just wish every acne sufferer knew there is a solution.

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Melissa Gallico is a former military intelligence officer, Fulbright scholar, and intelligence specialist at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She graduated with honors from Georgetown University and has a master's degree from the University of St. Andrews in the United Kingdom. The Hidden Cause of Acne is her first book.

After several stints living abroad in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, Gallico noticed the cystic acne that plagued her for two decades while living in the United States was non-existent when she resided in certain countries. This simple observation turned out to be a critical clue that would help unravel the whole case.


"Using scientific deduction, careful observations, and self-experimentation—a process used by Nobel Laureates such as Barry Marshall, Werner Forssmann, and Ralph Steinman—Melissa Gallico figured out the cause of her chronic acne was the fluoride added to her drinking water. The fact that other people who read her book also report that their acne cleared up when they switched to fluoride-free beverages and foods suggests this is an area that deserves rigorous clinical investigation."

— Hardy Limeback, D.D.S., Ph.D., head of preventive dentistry at the University of Toronto (ret.) and past president of the Canadian Association for Dental Research

"As Gallico’s riveting personal story attests, public water fluoridation is, in essence, a hazardous waste management tool that is damaging our health in ways we have yet to fully comprehend. Her deep research into this area and the clear, arresting manner in which she presents it is a valuable, even crucial, contribution to ending the antiquated and dangerous practice of adding fluoride to public drinking water."

— William Hirzy, Ph.D., senior scientist at EPA (ret.) and past president of the EPA Union of Professional Employees

"As Gallico notes, ‘it doesn’t take a degree in medicine’ (or dentistry or science) to appreciate the importance of personal observations in matters of personal health, or to understand the potential consequences of one-size-fits-all medication of the public through the drinking water supply. Fluoride sensitivity (including dermatological, endocrinological, gastrointestinal, and other effects) has been in the medical literature for decades, unrefuted, and deserves the wider awareness that Gallico’s work will bring."

— Kathleen M. Thiessen, Ph.D., senior scientist at Oak Ridge Center for Risk Analysis and coauthor of the National Research Council's 2006 report Fluoride in Drinking Water

The Book

Overflowing with scientific references and real world accounts of fluoride toxicity, The Hidden Cause of Acne is available from bookstores worldwide. Foreword by Stephen Harrod Buhner.

F Is for Fluoride front and back cover.p

The Shorter Book

F Is For Fluoride: A Feasible Fairytale for Freethinkers 15 and Up tells the story of fluoridation as presented in a captivating lecture by Dr. Felicia Lafish. It also has some ferrets in fedoras.

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